Facilities We Clean

One Stop Maintenance has been cleaning and maintaining facilities for all types of businesses and buildings in the Bay Area since 2001. We offer expertise that keeps any facility clean and a great place to work and visit.

Office Buildings of All Sizes

One Stop Maintenance provides complete janitorial services for office buildings, business parks and small businesses. No matter the size of your building or complex, we have a cleaning service solution to suit your needs.

We work with commercial property managers as well to provide janitorial service to all the tenants in an office building.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing and industrial facilities include a mix of production facilities, offices, cafeterias, labs, childcare, loading docks, storage, equipment rooms and restrooms. We clean and maintain the entire facility with cleaning methods specific to each area to meet all cleanliness standards. We will work with you to develop a plan for each aspect of your business operation.

Schools and Day Care Facilities

We are experienced with the unique janitorial requirements for all education facilities, whether classrooms, conference rooms, gymnasiums, locker rooms, administrative offices or libraries. Day care centers also have extra cleaning services for elements like toys, play mats and diaper changing stations.

We avoid the use of harsh chemicals whenever possible. We can also include day porters to ensure heavy-use areas remain clean and sanitary supplies remain well stocked.

Retail Businesses

One Stop Maintenance specializes in cleaning retail stores, including customer-facing areas and back-of-the-house areas, which could include showrooms or store aisles, staff offices, service departments, warehouse spaces and customer lounges. We offer 7-night-per-week cleaning and day porters.


No business benefits more from professional cleaning services than restaurants. Dining areas, kitchen, serving stations, hostess station, restrooms all need daily attention. You need to present a pristine environment the moment you open your doors for business each day!

Restaurant kitchens require long experience to deliver efficient and effective janitorial services to keep the food-handling areas like freezers, storerooms and kitchens clean and running smoothly.


One Stop Maintenance pays attention to the details that make your facilities a great place to work and shop.  Talk to us about our regular janitorial services, and custom programs that offer day porter services, multiple-shift cleanings, event setup and cleanup, recycling programs and more. Our maintenance programs are custom-built to meet your specific needs!

Serving Marin County, Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley