Green Cleaning Methods

As residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, we are as committed to keeping our environment clean. This is also in line with the desires of our clients, who seek to be as socially responsible as possible. This includes the cleaning process!

One Stop Maintenance works hard to minimize our environmental impact through careful use of green chemicals, and through judicious application. “Leave no trace” is a social goal, and though it is hard for a maintenance company to achieve, we strive every day towards meeting it.

Green Janitorial Equipment

One way to keep the cleaning process green is to use equipment that meets green standards:

  • HEPA filtration vacuums
  • Low emissions, dust control enhanced, quiet battery burnishers
  • Extractors that use minimal water and allow for quick drying times
  • Floor stripping machines that use less chemicals to ensure lower employee exposure

Green Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning chemicals get more environmentally safe each year. We stay on top of these improvements and incorporate them into our inventory.

Highly efficient cleaning processes

One way to improve environmental impacts is to simply use fewer chemicals.  We employ cleaning techniques that ensure the most efficient use of products, and train our staff on the proper amount of product to use for every task.

We apply this philosophy to supply usage as well. We are careful about when to replace paper products and liners and seek not to throw away usable product.